GEWIS Subscription

Welcome! With this form, you can apply for a membership of GEWIS. The membership is valid as long as you study and has a one-time 15 euro membership fee.

If you have any questions feel free to contact

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Study Program

If you started after 2016, your username is an 8-digit number starting with the year you started at the TU/e, for example 20230001. You have received this in an email when you enrolled. Go to this page if you need help finding it. Your username will be used to verify you are studying at the department of M&CS.


Mailing lists

As GEWIS-member, you will automatically be signed up for the GEWIS-list. This is a mailing list for official messages about GEWIS and its activities. On top of that there are several other mailing lists you can subscribe to. You can sign up for the following mailing lists. These subscriptions can be withdrawn at any moment.